<h1>Unlimited flexibility</h1>

Unlimited flexibility

With Goodnity Ask you can easily create any key figure you need to make profound decisions. Full transparency in every area of application. Fill your knowledge gaps and develop your company efficiently.

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Survey for a comprehensive overview

There is certainly already a lot of data in your company that helps with profound decision making. This data is not replaced by Goodnity, but complemented. Fill in the gaps and get a full overview of the relationship with all stakeholders of your company. Surveys are a powerful medium to quickly and flexibly collect all relevant data so that you can fully concentrate on implementing the right measures.

<strong>Survey for a comprehensive overview</strong>

Meaningful aggregation of information

Digitization does not only bring advantages. Many of our partners find themselves in a situation in which individual departments autonomously take care of optimising their work processes. This provides the advantage of unrestricted optimization through solutions specially adapted to the needs of the department (project management, CRM, marketing solutions, etc.). Each solution creates data which, unfortunately, is often not comparable. This makes the general overview of all departments intransparent. With Goodnity Ask you can easily counteract this and reunite and understand all departments.

<strong>Meaningful aggregation of information</strong>

One product fits all

We have developed Goodnity Ask with a focus on flexibility. Thus, the requirements of each department, each team, each process can be met. With Goodnity you always have internal and external stakeholders, processes, states and attitudes in view. The solution is also ideal for enabling your employees to quickly make internal decisions, such as the election of your works council or the next company event.

<strong>One product fits all</strong>

Areas of application

Redesign communication in project groups

Redesign communication in project groups



Measurement of customer relations

Measurement of customer relations

Salesforce always in view

Salesforce always in view

Compare and understand

With Goodnity Ask the evaluation of your data becomes child’s play. We provide you with an easy to understand dashboard with your data and you work with the results according to your information needs. Whether variables, templates, loops or teams, no matter what data you need to get a clear picture, Goodnity Ask makes it possible.

<strong> Compare and understand </strong>

Identifying trends for efficient further development

Goodnity Ask helps to identify trends. With our time-based benchmarking, you always have an eye on your company’s development and can quickly identify where the journey is heading. Blind flights and gut feeling based decisions are a thing of the past.

<strong> Identifying trends for efficient further development</strong>

Tackle all requirements

Groups or representatives

Use our anonymous group surveys to survey internal departments, project groups or specific focus groups in your workforce. If you would like to ask non-anonymous questions to individuals, you can select our representative surveys. You can, for example, send these to department heads, or contact persons at customers or partners.

Tackle all requirements

Repeating surveys

With Goodnity Ask you can carry out regular surveys and thus specifically observe a project group or a process and derive the necessary key figures for you from them. Simply set the duration, reminder and number of repetitions according to your requirements.

Tackle all requirements

Variables and templates

Goodnity Ask includes a strong template and variable system. You will have the possibility to save the most important questionnaires as a template and reuse them at any time. Of course you can compare the results of different surveys at any time. Use variables in your surveys to ensure that respondents are asked individually tailored questions.

Tackle all requirements

The necessary logic

What would a survey be without logic? With Goodnity Ask you can easily create question groups, follow-up questions and the necessary logic to ask exactly the questions that matter. After each survey the participants have the possibility to give free text feedback.

Tackle all requirements

Maximum integration

A powerful API makes it possible to steer Goodnity Ask automatically from your CRM or project management system. Start surveys, create recipient groups or export answers. We complement your work process and you get the overview. If you want to work “offline” with Goodnity data, you can export your data as CSV with one click.

Tackle all requirements

Custom branding

Our solution, your design. Adapt Goodnity Ask to your corporate design.

Define areas

Easily create different areas and distribute access permissions according to your needs.

Automatic reminders

Remind your participants automatically or manually with your personal message.

Survey with codes

You want to conduct stationary surveys? Equip your participants with access codes.

Seamless integration

Seamless integration

Goodnity Ask can be seamlessly integrated into our Goodnity Suite. This powerful combination gives you unprecedented insight into your business.

Goodnity Ask can be seamlessly integrated into our Goodnity Suite. This powerful combination gives you unprecedented insight into your business.

Goodnity Suite details

Excellent support.

Thanks to our extensive experience with in-house surveys, you can contact us with your questions at any time. Of course, we will also equip you with the necessary materials you need for your survey.

Customized questionnaires

We are happy to create the appropriate questionnaires for you in order to cover your information needs in the best possible way.

Strategic consulting

You don’t know where to start? We will be happy to help you find the best survey strategy for your company.

Excellent support.

Goodnity Ask – for your organization


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