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Motivation of employees is one of the most important factors for a successful company and contributes positively to the corporate culture. However, in many companies employee motivation is too often underestimated.

Ask your employees regularly which factors motivate them and which aspects have a demotivating effect on their daily work.

In the context of this focus area we ask employees about the areas “intrinsic motivation” and “extrinsic motivation”.

Goodnity offers you the opportunity – individually tailored to your company – to select the appropriate focus areas for your company. Your employees are regularly asked about the focus areas you have selected. With the help of meaningful reports, you always have an overview of all changes. Benefit from the possibility to observe focus areas over time and compare them with others, as well as from the possibility to analyze individual employee groups in detail.
In addition, WorkSpex’s algorithm automatically asks your employees about the most relevant topics in detail. Goodnity automatically identifies potential opportunities, problems and underlying causes for you.

Thanks to the breadth and focus of the information you receive from Goodnity, you are always informed about the current situation in your company and can react quickly to problems and identify clear opportunities for improvement.

Related focus areas, which are also often selected by customers:
Leadership style/behaviour, team spirit, cooperation within the group